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Both Australia and Canada are beautiful countries; both can provide a high standard of life and high-quality education. Both have common elements, including British traditions. Both countries are popular with immigrants considering immigration. People often come to us for visa immigration services, but most people are always confused between Australia and Canada. So here are some comparisons.

Australia is the smallest continent in the world, but it is the largest island with a warm climate. The typical climate is temperate, subtropical or Mediterranean. Canada has a mainly continental climate, and the winters here are very cold. Most of northern Canada has snow cover for about 6 months. In terms of the unemployment rate, Canada has a higher unemployment rate of 7.1%, while Australia’s unemployment rate is 6.0%. It is easier and less stringent to immigrate to Canada.

The cost of living in Australia, including housing, rent and food, is slightly higher than in Canada. Australia’s healthcare system is slightly better. Compared with Australians, Canadians are more friendly to immigrants. If Australia is no longer a racist country, even if racism cases are rarely found, but they have not made headlines, it would be bad and judgmental. Canada is a racially diverse and multicultural country, a product of large-scale immigration from many parts of the world.

For permanent residence permits, both countries use a point system, and the processing time is about 3-4 months in Australia and 5-6 months in Canada.

Permanent residence in Canada

To become permanent residents, foreign citizens must apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship of Canada). There are many ways to become the fastest Express input system. Express is considered to be the fastest in Canada. It has two stages.


The first is to apply for a PR invitation, and then select from a group of candidates based on the total score (based on age, language, work experience, study, etc.). Second, the visa application form must be facing the immigration office when the invitation is received.

Then, IRCC processes the application within six months after receiving it. Public relations in Canada are divided into Federal Public Relations and PNP (Provincial Nomination Program). The former applies to the whole country. The PR terminates after every five years and must be renewed after five years. Permanent resident benefits have the same rights as Canadian citizens, and they can also receive other social and Canadian pension plan benefits.

Permanent residence in Australia

The processing time for important permanent residence visas is approximately 3-4 months. There are qualified independent visas and qualified nomination visas. To apply for PR, you must follow the points immigration system.

First, there must be an online application in the Skill select online system, namely EOI (Expression of Interest), which is an online form that asks a series of questions about your knowledge depends on you The selected visa category. Scores are calculated based on education, skills, experience, etc. If you are selected, you will get the ITA for the visa.

Taking into account the immigration rules and policies of the two countries, there is another factor that affects your visa, namely the rules and regulations, the Canadian immigration rules are simpler and more flexible.

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