Canada is a dream country to study for many Africans, Asians, and the Middle east.  Aside from their breathtaking learning environment, their teaching skill is second to none. Canada has taken education to a high echelon and some of its Universities are ranked among the best in the world. One good thing about studying in Canada is that you get the opportunity to base there and get a better life for yourself after your studies there.

Apart from their quality education, Canada has the tenth-largest economy in the world with its mix-economy system. Tell me, why wouldn’t such a country be a dream or first-choice country?

As a student, you must be able to provide the essential required documents even before your interview, and the documents include the following below;

  • You must provide your original passport ( Either the current or the previous one )
  • Provide three (3) of your recent photographs, snaped on white background
  • Financial statement to prove you can fend for yourself while in Canada ( It is also called proof of fund )
  • Hostel bookings or accommodation that covers the duration of your stay in Canada as a student
  • Flight reservation ( As a student, it is required that you book a round ticket )

Canada Student Visa Eligibility & Requirements



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