UK work permit, understand what employers need to know as a Migrants


What is a UK work permit?

A work permit is a legal permit granted by the Department of Home Affairs to a British employer to allow someone to perform a qualified full-time job. The employer must submit an application to the Ministry of the Interior to obtain permission to hire the person for this position.

What is the process for applying for a UK work permit?

The application can be made in the UK or outside the UK. The decision on how this application should be made will depend on the personĂ­s current immigration status and when it will expire.

Can a work permit be issued for what type of work?

Work permits can be issued for various positions; it is not necessarily a shortage of occupations in the UK. However, to obtain a UK work permit, certain standards must be met.
In order to comply with the work permit program, you must be able to demonstrate that you have at least one of the following skills that are required to fill the position.
British title or equivalent

  • HND [Higher National Diploma] or equivalent degree not related to the position, plus one year of relevant experience
  • HND [National Advanced Diploma] related to the position or at least 3 years of experience as an NVQ [National Vocational Qualification] Level 3 or higher expert.

If you apply to fill a senior or expert position, this person should be able to provide a copy of the qualification certificate and a detailed job recommendation letter to support the application. If they need to register with a professional organization in the UK (eg GMC, RIBA), they should provide a copy of the registration certificate.

Do I have to prove that I cannot hold this position in the UK?

In most cases, before submitting a work permit application, British employers should first show evidence that they have actually tried to recruit from the UK. However, those roles considered to be in short supply in the UK should not require evidence of national advertising.


For certain senior or professional positions, or when employees are currently working in the same company abroad, advertising is usually not required. However, you should seek professional advice as soon as possible to ensure that any application is fully prepared and meets the standards of the Ministry of the Interior; we do not apply for work permits on behalf of individuals.

Are there other plans to allow foreigners to work for us?

The Highly Skilled Migration Program [HSMP] aims to enable people with special skills and experience to work in the UK. It allows you to enter or stay in the UK without getting a job offer or taking advantage of self-employment opportunities. This application is evaluated according to the points program: 65 points or more are required to qualify.
There are other visas that allow people to work without a formal work permit. Holiday workers, spouse visas, student visas, and dependants all have different degrees of work rights. However, each visa has its own set of specific guidelines and restrictions. It is the responsibility of the British employer to check whether the person has the correct work permit.

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