Travel Video Contest: Get Paid To Show How You Have Been influenced By Your Environment


The Travel Video Contest is back again for its 16th year and this time, they are doing something very special. The theme for this Travel Video Contest is “community“.  In creative ideas, make an engaging video, showing how your community has shaped or influenced you. Difference situation in an environment has the capacity to impact in the lives of people. These environmental situations you could narrow your topic to include the following below:

  • your community at home
  • the new community you found yourself during your international education
  • your immediate family
  • your extended family or relatives
  • your community at home
  • an online community, or
  • any group of people you consider the community of people

What the scholarship board wants from you is creativity, originality, uniqueness, video quality, and your personality that is been displayed in the video.

Please before you proceed with the contest, proceed to read the rule and regulations and try to carefully review how to enter the contest then submit a contest entry form by taping enter.

Scholarship Benefit

The benefit award for the travel video contest comes in categories and they include the following below:

  • The First Place winner goes home with $4,000 USD
  • The Second Place Winner goes home with $500 USD
  • The Third Place Winner goes home with $250 USD
  • The Viewers’ Choice Award Winner goes home with $1,000


People from any part of the world can partake in this award



Make sure you have submitted yours before October 13, 2021. There is no reason to delay, hurry up and grab this award.

Number of Awards

4 awards

You must be studying one of the following:

You don’t even need to be a student to be qualified for this award.  This award is available to anyone who is interested, student to non-student.

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