Are you looking for a scholarship program in any part of the world? Then you need not search anymore because this article will dish out the Top Scholarship Programs that allow You to Study Anywhere In The World. You may have been searching for a scholarship program in your dream country without finding any because many scholarship programs are very specific with countries they are hosted, so, at such point, even If you apply, you have to carry on your studies in the hosted country. If you are in such a situation, then I bring you good news because this article will list out the international countries that allow students to study in any country and University of their choice.

For instance, any scholarship program funded by the Canadian Government will definitely be hosted in Canada and this applies to other scholarship programs hosted by any university. But scholarship with global and regional organizations, for instance, an organization like Rotary Foundation will give you the opportunity to study in any part of the world, even in your domestic country.

Another amazing thing is, some of this scholarship award on this article also allows distance learning. You may decide to be at your convenience and learn.

Top Scholarship Programs that Allow You To Study Anywhere In The World

1). Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

It is almost impossible to see a scholarship program that covers all expenses like accommodation, transportation, full tuition, and other academical expenses but with Rotary Peace Fellowship, you are privileged to get this benefit first hand. To be qualified, you must be applying for a master’s programing any of their selected university.

2). OFID Scholarship Award

To be qualified for the OPEC Funding For International Development (OFID) Scholarship award, You must be willing to participate in the master’s program in one of the accredited distinguishable universities in the world. The scholarship award is worth over $50,000 plus insurance, relocation grants, transportation, tuition fees, monthly allowance, and accommodation.

3). Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program is very limited and it does not come in numbers. To be qualified for this scholarship award you must apply as a post-graduate student and must be from under-developed or developing countries. You must be able to also show an outstanding performance in your academic record with exceptional talent. The scholarship award covers just your tuition and living expenses. The award also offers 50% grants: 50% loans to students through their competitive application every year.

4. Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships

Students from selected developing countries looking to do a master’s program can study anywhere with the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. The scholarship award covers your tuition cost, provides a monthly stipend, transportation fare, health insurance, and other travel allowance.

5). ADB Japan Scholarship Program

Has your country been affected by war or are you from any developing country? then the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) scholarship program is for you. This scholarship award covers your medical issuance, transportation allowance, monthly stipend, and housing allowance.

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6). Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries

Are you from a developing country and you wish to further your education but you are finding it difficult due to financial deficiency? then this scholarship award is for you. The Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries runs a scholarship award that helps most especially students from Africa to further their education in any part of the world, even in their home country.

Top Scholarship Programs that Allow You To Study Anywhere In The World
Top Scholarship Programs that Allow You To Study Anywhere In The World

Distance Learning Scholarships to Study in your own Country

1). Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

This scholarship award focuses on students from the commonwealth nations. The commonwealth scholarship commission has collaborated with some of the top-notched universities in the UK.

Students who emerged successful for the scholarship award will be given the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world but it can only be done online. This goes to say that, you will have to study in any university in the world but in your home country.

2). You can select a free EdX online course at Premier University through

The amazing thing about this distance learning is that it also allows students to study in some of the best Universities in the world like UC, Harvard, MIT. Qualified students will need a computer and internet to be able to participate

3). University of the People Tuition Free Degrees

The University of the People gives free tuition fees to students. The University is known to be the first to offer tuition-free education. Follow the below link to get more information.

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