Ireland’s business prospects

Like many other countries in the European Union, Ireland is currently experiencing a severe economic recession. Conservative data shows that the employment rate is between 12% and 13%, twice what it was 12 months ago. Construction work has been reduced by nearly 40%, and many other sectors are not far behind. Many people unconsciously think that there are no jobs in Dublin or Ireland, because more people leave the country than arrive.

It is true that there are far fewer jobs in Ireland today, but it is still a very livable country. Ireland is a beautiful place with an excellent education system, wonderful country and community life, and many attractions and activities. It is also an optional website for some of the largest multinational companies in Europe, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Intel.

Fes National Employment Service Center

If you decide to live in Ireland or are currently unemployed in Ireland, your first stop will be FAS. FAS is an organization designed to help the unemployed and receive training to improve their future employment opportunities. They have offices in almost every major city, where you can look for modern job vacancies. They also offer a wide range of courses for almost all career paths. Most importantly, they will provide advice and suggestions for any problems you may encounter while looking for a job.

Local newspaper

Second, if you are in Dublin, you should search under the heading “The Herald”, where you can find modern job vacancies suitable for all occupations. The City of Cork also includes “Echoes of the Evening”, a daily newspaper with various vacancies. These magazines usually contain hundreds of job openings from all over Ireland.

Old door

In Ireland, especially in the service industry, it is perfectly acceptable to call a hotel or restaurant in person to find a job. This provides you with a good opportunity to meet with the owner or manager. Irish people like to know how to hire them, and they usually get used to this person instead of looking at the resume. Remember that Ireland has entered a rapid recession and can respond very quickly.


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