How to apply for a green card visa lottery and obtain legal residency in the U.S.


The State Department conducts the DV2021 US Green Card lottery every year. It is open to individuals who wish to become legal residents of the United States.

Are you qualified?

Each applicant is assessed to determine their eligibility and must meet the requirements established by the state to obtain residency in the green card visa lottery. Applicants must be born and live in an eligible country. People from unqualified countries may be eligible if their spouse is from a country that is eligible to use the country of origin of the spouse. The couple must hold visas and enter the United States together.

European countries eligible for the U.S. legal residence lottery include Northern Ireland, Denmark, Albania, and parts of Belgium. Certain parts of the UK are not eligible to participate in this event. People born and resident in the Bahamas can apply, but residents of Mexico and Canada are not eligible. People in Australia are eligible to enter. Eligible South American countries include Panama, Antigua, Honduras, and Argentina. Many other countries are also eligible.

Each applicant must meet the requirements set by the State Council. The requirements set by program managers include a higher education level with at least a high school diploma or at least two years of work experience. The applicantís experience level must be recent and within the past five years.

Enter the immigration lottery

This application is called an electronic diversity visa and must be submitted by all those who wish to enter. Make sure to submit only one application, because if the State Council manager receives duplicate applications, you will be disqualified. You can fill out the form yourself, or ask someone to fill it out for you. If the completed request has been successfully submitted, a confirmation message will be displayed. The successful completion page will also have a confirmation number for reference. The lottery administrator will not accept applications that are filled out by hand and mailed. All applications must be submitted digitally.

One photo must be submitted for each application. This is important for the items to be processed. Like an application, everyone who wants to participate in the giveaway must also submit a photo digitally. If you want to join other family members, you must include a photo of each person. A photo with family members in one photo is not eligible. Children of lucky draw participants who have become citizens do not need to provide photos.

Lottery applicant selection process

The selection process is computerized. Notify all selected applicants and indicate the fee. The applicant was notified in October 2021 and September of the following year.