From tourist attraction to employment center: Check how Australia became a favorite nation of immigrants


Just ten years ago, Australia was nothing more than a popular tourist attraction. The comments said that this country is a land of amazing contrasts and spectacular scenery. With heavenly beauty such as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has always been one of the world’s top tourist attractions.

Although Australia has successfully made it to the top of the list of the worldís best tourist destinations, the Australian governmentís goal is not only to make this country a tourist destination but also to make it a place where anyone can relocate and live happily.

The Australian immigration department keeps up, the authorities are committed to improving immigration policies, and the government is more focused on creating career opportunities to attract global workers. Today, Australia is not only a first-class tourist and leisure destination, it has also successfully become the permanent home of many foreign professionals.

Why do people prefer to settle in Australia?

Rich economy: Australia is not only a developed country but also the richest country in the world. According to statistics, the Australian economy is the 12th largest economy in the world. In 2014, Australia ranked fifth among the countries with the highest per capita income. In fact, these are the main factors that attract aspirants to move to Australia.

Evolving employment opportunities: Australia is a country with vast career opportunities. Professionals seeking employment in Australia can easily find a good job in Australia. According to statistics, Australiaís job market has invited about 11,537,900 people within a year, giving them the opportunity to settle down in the richest economic country in the world. According to sources, the unemployment rate that year was between 5% and 6%. This marks Australia in the list of countries with the lowest unemployment rate.

High-paying positions: This may seem unbelievable, but Australia is the highest-paid country. Job demand in certain sectors is very high, and the countryís salary for such jobs is relatively higher than the salary offered by the United Kingdom and the United States of America for the same position.

Work experience adds advantages to personal data: Yes, Australian work experience is a great advantage for a person’s work situation, which is also an important reason why people prefer to settle in Australia. Work experience from the Australian labor market is highly valued by many countries in the world.

Multicultural society – Australia has a friendly and sociable population and is a country that empowers a multicultural society. No matter which country you are from, Australia gives you all the right to work, freedom of communication, and the right to enjoy life anywhere in the country without violating national regulations.

Low cost of living – Australia has become a favorite destination for immigrants because the cost of living makes this country like home. This means that whether you live in your own country or Australia, you will not feel that life is expensive-especially housing costs will certainly not become a burden on your pocket.

Health care facilities – Australia provides permanent residents with an NHS system called Medicare. This system serves as the government’s social welfare. However, many employers also provide various health care plans for their foreign employees.

Free immigration policy – A country associated with easy immigration procedures eventually became the favorite destination of immigrants, and Australia was one of them. The Australian government is spontaneously formulating its immigration policy, introducing plans that are conducive to immigration, and has been aiming to create flexible immigration conditions.