Amazon job can be very juicy most especially when you follow their guidelines, terms, and conditions. Do you know that Amazon pays the sum of a $100 bonus on your first day at work when you present your proof of Covid-19  vaccination? Yes, that is how interesting working at amazon is. While working at Amazon, just like many other companies, they have working shifts like Day, Overnight, Weekend, Evening, and Sunrise.

The location is Mission Viejo, Buena Park.

Mode of Payment & Salary

As a new worker, you will be paid $17.80 hourly, and in addition to that, there are other bonuses that you will start benefitting from on your first day of work. For instance, your $17.80 hourly, plus $3,000* sign-on bonus which you start receiving on your first day to work prior to 10/31/2021.

Bonus Terms

  • This bonus is not permanent. It is just for a limited time
  • Bonuses are limited to the type of jobs and shift; other terms and conditions may apply also
  • At the time of the bonus payout, you must be working at Amazon
  • The bonuses payout will be disbursed on installment

Immediate openings are available now.

Be part of the Amazon determined term that make available and ready orders of people who depends on Amazon service. From their full-time set schedules, with part-time roles schedules with full health care benefits. Do you need a quick job to make income for yourself? Amazon job is the answer. In fact, you should count yourself lucky reading this right now.

To be qualified for this job, you must be 18 years old or older and you must be able to speak English for safety purposes.

Reasons you’ll love working here:

There are different reasons that keep one in a job. It may be because of the passion, the money, the friendly systems, or even distance, etc. But how about I tell you that, Amazon gives juicy offers you just can’t let go of?

Below are reasons you will love to work at Amazon.

  • Earn more money: When you work for Amazon, you should expect an inflow of reliable paycheck and competitive wages.
  • Amazon’s journey can take you to a greater height: Many of Amazon’s entry-level staff are now operation leaders, Human Resources (HR), and other higher-ranked areas.
  • Health Benefit and other benefits: Start working at Amazon to enjoy health benefits starting from your first day at work. There are other benefits one could enjoy while working with Amazon, for instance, they offer saving plans, etc.
  • To hear what employees have said about Amazon Jobs, Click here

Amazon is hiring for the following types of roles in your area:

DELIVERY STATIONS – Amazon’s delivery stations, are the terminal stop before carrying out a delivery order to the door of the customer. This job has to do with sorting out packages into delivery routes.

Amazon cares much about their customer and that is why the employee’s shift time varies in order to meet customer-promised delivery times. Your shift will depend on your location.


  • You must be able to adhere, cling, and carefully follow all laid down safety requirements
  • You must have at least attended High school or an equivalent diploma before you can be employed.
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