The Ultimate Hong Kong Travel Guide – Tour, Activities And Others


Day 1: Ladies market

When you are in Hong Kong, shopping and negotiation are the keys to a successful and enjoyable trip. You can get both at the ladies market. You can buy almost anything and everything in the sun here – clothes for men and women, accessories,
fakes and other curiosities are available everywhere.

Location : Get on the MTR and stop at Mongkok Station. To reach the ladies market, you walk two streets along Nelson Street.

Temple Street Market
Once the day starts to get dark, it’s time to move on to another famous market in Mongkok, the Temple Street Market. If you like electronics, this is the place for you. Many outdoor stalls also add flavour to this market that you would be hard-pressed
to find elsewhere.

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Location: Jordan Station on the MTR takes you to Temple Street Market

Day 2: Harbor City Mall

After the bustle of the great outdoors, it is time to enjoy your shopping in the freshness of an air-conditioned enclave. Harbor City is Hong Kong largest shopping centre and the products sold here are standard international brands. You can also choose to rest while watching the latest Harbor City movies.

Tsui Hang Village
It is worth coming here because you can eat Hong Kong specialities at a price that will not kill your wallet! This place is in the Miramar Mall on Nathan Road.

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Location: From the Tsim Tsa Chui MTR station, take exit A1 and head towards the shopping centre.

Day 3: festival walk

You can come here to admire the decor based on the principles of feng shui or stroll through the countless shops that sell many different products. Either way, it will be difficult to find another shopping centre in Hong Kong that is just as convenient (located at Kowloon Tong MTR station) or as interesting as this one!

Location: As mentioned earlier, this large shopping centre is located at the Kowloon
Tong MTR station.

Day 4: Causeway Bay

You can spend a whole day in this great place as there are so many different places for shopping. Times Square happens to be the main shopping centre for Causeway Bay. However, the more adventurous among you would probably like to wander around and look at the things that are on sale in small, scattered curious shops. If you want to see what local Hong Kong designers are planning, head over to Fashion Walk. Alternatively, if you are more interested in hunting for bargains, go to the Jardine bazaar and the Jardine Crescent.

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Pastry Denmark
Try to find the Causeway Bay Denmark Cake Shop and taste their version of the famous cheeseburger. This pastry shop is located on Leighton Road.


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